Integrated English Language Skills (Seminar) Wed 16-18

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Integrated English Language Skills (Seminar)

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Theresa Gielissen

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Room T

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Wednesdays 16-18

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Early in their academic careers, students prove their proficiency in English speaking, listening, reading and writing separately. The purpose of this course is to encourage students to combine all these skills and join the broader academic conversation. Students in this class will be exposed to source material in various forms (documentaries, podcasts, news articles, journal articles, video clips, etc.). They will then learn to analyze and synthesize these materials and add their own viewpoints through class discussion and writing assignments. Students will be able not only to respond with their thoughts, but also lead the discussion, preparing them to actively participate during later academic study.

detailed schedule (divided by weeks)

Week 1 – Listening and summary writing

Week 2 – How to write a critical response

Week 3 – What makes a discussion “good”?

Week 4 – Critical thinking discussion techniques

Week 5 – Practice class discussion

Week 6Graded class discussion 1

Week 7 – How to read an academic article

Week 8Spring Break

Week 9 – Applying critical theory to source material

Week 10 – Language for discussing critical theory

Week 11 – Practice graded discussion

Week 12Graded class discussion 2

Week 13 – Final project work day

Week 14Present final Projects

Week 15Present final Projects


the mode of and requirements to get the grade/signature at the end of the class (assignments)

Summary/response papers (x2): 30%

Graded class discussions (x2): 30%

Homework: 10%

Final Project: 30%

0-59%=1; 60-69=2; 70-79=3; 80-89=4; 90-100=5

required readings

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