Writing Skills (Seminar) Tue 14

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Writing Skills (Seminar)

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Theresa Gielissen

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Room III

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Tuesdays 14-16

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This course will introduce different basic genres of academic writing, including description, explanation/exposition, and argumentation. Paragraph and essay text organization, usage, grammar, and vocabulary will be emphasized. The main goal of the course is to introduce students to academic writing in English so they can successfully complete writing assignments in their first years as university students. It is also a minor goal of the course to introduce students to the expectations of the writing component of the SZTE Academic English I exam, where students will write a 220-250-word essay in a specific genre and on a specific topic.

detailed schedule (divided by weeks)

Week 1 – Introduction, class expectations, and plagiarism

Week 2 – The writing process and paragraph structure

Week 3 – Moving from paragraph to essay; thesis statements

Week 4 – Introductions and conclusions

Week 5 – Coherence and cohesion

Week 6 – Writing under pressure (timed writing)

Week 7 – Argumentative essays; midterm feedback

Week 8Spring Break

Week 9Midterm Exam

Week 10 – Working with sources; citations; using quotes

Week 11 – Incorporating sources

Week 12 – Individual meetings

Week 13No class - holiday

Week 14Final Exam

Week 15 – Class wrap up (individual meetings)


the mode of and requirements to get the grade/signature at the end of the class (assignments)

Multi-draft writing assignments: 45%

Other homework assignments: 10%

Final draft of argumentative essay: 15%

Midterm exam: 15%

Final exam: 15%

0-59%=1; 60-69=2; 70-79=3; 80-89=4; 90-100=5

required readings

Course packet

recommended readings


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