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Visual Arts


dr. Árvay Anett

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Petőfi sgt. 30-34. Room 7. Floor 4.


Wed 10-11:30

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This survey course seeks to investigate the major achievments and a few outstanding artists in Hungarian art history. The Hungarian art will be discussed in an European context, pointing out the similarities with the artistic expression of the Continent, at the same time highlighting the special unmistakeable features of Hungarian art. The works of arts are analyzed in detail and interpreted in light of the society’s varied needs. The course also aims at developing skills in perception, comprehension, and appreciation when dealing with a variety of visual art forms.



  1. Introduction. Why to study visual culture? Preliminary definitions: Style and period styles in European civilization and art history.
  2. Parallels of European and Hungarian art.
  3. Early Hungarian art history: the nomadic period, the Middle Ages: Romanesque and Gothic.
  4. From the Renaissance through the Baroque (15th-18th centuries).

5.-6. The age of Nationalism. Classicism, Romanticism, Historicism (19th c.).

7.-8. Modern Hungarian Art. The beginnings of modernism: Plain Air, Impressionalism, Art Nouveau, the first decades of the 20th century: traditionalism and Avantgarde.

  1. Hungarian Giants of Photography.
  2. From the Communist period to the changing of the regime in 1990.
  3. Current trends and achievements.
  4. Summary



1/ Presentation. Students are required to prepare a 15-min presentation for the class (20%). a) Project work (in pairs):, the comparison of European styles and their appearence in Hungary; or b) Presentation on a Hungarian artist. Ppt or handouts are expected!

2/ Term test. It will cover the lecture material including the images! (80%).


Reading list


Main coursebook for the images: Keresztúry, Dezső ed. Ars Hungarica. Budapest: Corvina, 1992 [and subsequent editions].

Hungarian art history in a nutshell (In Hungarian and also in English):

Handouts are uploaded to Co-space.


A Hundred Beautiful Hungarian Paintings:

Éri, Gyöngyi; Jobbágyi Zsuzsa; T. Berend, Iván, Németh, Lajos, Sármány-Parsons Ilona. The Golden Age. Art and Society in Hungary 1896-1914. Budapest: Corvina, 1997.

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