Use of English 2 (BA Seminar) Thu 12-14

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Use of English 2 (BA Seminar)


Bloodworth Adam

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Room III


Thu 12-14

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The aims of this course are

-to provide practice in various fields of the English language

-to practice grammar phenomena typically difficult for English language learners

-to practice areas of language competence needed in the academic environment

-to help the students perform better at language competence tests

-to initialize and/or enhance systematic vocabulary building

-to increase awareness of different options made possible by the economy of the language


2/8 Introduction

Irregular Verb Forms


2/15 Tenses

Phrasal Verbs Unit 3 exercises


2/22 Infinitive, gerund Friday, Feb. 18th by noon: Writing assignment 1 (submit on Coospace)

Unit 2 exercises


3/1 Adjectives, adverbs, comparison Unit 5 exercises

Writing assignment 1 corrections


3/8 Nouns, articles, word formation

Quiz 1: Phrasal Verbs and Irregular Forms Unit 9 exercises

Study for Quiz 1




3/22 Passive, causative Friday, March 18th by noon: Writing assignment 2 (submit on Coospace)

Unit 6 exercises




4/5 MIDTERM EXAM Review for Midterm

Study session time TBD


4/12 Modal verbs Unit 1 exercises


4/19 Emphasis, inversion Friday, April 15th by noon: Writing assignment 3 (submit on Coospace)

Unit 10 exercises

Writing assignment 2 corrections


4/26 Reported speech Unit 7 exercises


5/3 Conditionals, wishes

Unit 8 exercises


5/10 Clauses, linking words

Quiz 2: Phrasal Verbs and Irregular Verb forms Unit 4 exercises

Writing assignment 3 corrections

Study for Quiz 2


5/17 FINAL EXAM Review for Final

Study session time TBD


requirements to get the grade

Grading scale:

0-50%=1; 51-62%=2, 63-75%=3, 76-87%=4, 88-100%=5

Reading list required




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