Religion and Modernity

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Religion and Modernity


Kinga Povedák

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Bálint Sándor lecture room


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During the course students will get an overview of the transformation of Hungarian religious life with a pivotal emphasis on vernacular religiosity in late modernity. The course provides an anthropological perspective of the given topic.The students will get a fuller understanding of the contemporary social and religious changes in Hungary.


1. Terminology and basic concepts

2. Religiosity during communism and state-socialism

3. Social and religious transformations after 1989

4. The present state of Christian churches

5. Attitudes towards modernity


requirements to get the grade

Students should write and essay or take an exam.

reading list required

Froese, Paul 2004: After Atheism: An Analysis of Religious Monopolies in the Post-Communist World in: Sociology of Religion 65:1 57–75

Grace Davie 2007: The Sociology of Religion, London

Tomka, Miklós 2011: Expanding Religion. Gruyter, Walter de GmbH



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