Racial and Ethnic Groups in the US: A History (BA seminar)

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Racial and Ethnic Groups in the US: A History (BA seminar)


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Wed 10-12

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This course offers a history of more prominent racial/ethnic groups in the US. It is designed to familiarize students with key approaches to race and ethnicity as well as the various ways these were used and manipulated throughout American history. The course discusses the history of major racial/ethnic communities, including Native American, Afro-American, White, Hispanic, Jewish and Asian, from their arrival up till today. Special attention is given to the history of immigration, pull and push factors, cultural variety, issues of accommodation and assimilation, as well as their contemporary status and location within the ethnic map of the US. Equally significant is the exploration of all series of cultural and political clashes: changing American approaches to concepts of race and ethnicity along with the politicization of these categories, as well as the self-organization of these groups, eventually gaining power and public voice through identity politics.



1. Feb 7 American history and immigration

Daniels, A short history of immigration (in American Immigration, 7-18)

2. Feb 14 Approaches to race and ethnicity

Bhattacharrya et al. Changing Configurations of Whiteness

3. Feb 14 Native Americans

Fuchs, Go Back …

4.Feb 21 Anglo-Saxons

Weisberger, The English Impact

5. Feb 28 Other Western Europeans

Dinnerstein et al., European Minorities

6. March 7 Eastern and Southern Europeans

Fuchs, More Slovenian and More American

7. March 14 Hungarians

Vardy, Hungarians in the New World

8. March 21 Afro-Americans

Fuchs, African-Americans

9. April 4 Jews PAPERS ARE DUE

Schaefer, Jewish Americans

10. April 11 Asians

Schaefer, Asian Americans

11. April 18 Hispanics

Schaefer, Hispanic Americans

12. April 25 The racial/ethnic landscape today

Song, Debates about racial hierarcy

13. May 9 Final Quiz

14. May 16 Thematic discussion: Ethnicities in American culture



Requirements to get the grade

Students in this course are expected: 1. to offer a 20 min. presentation based on their own research on any of the topics; 2. to take the final quiz; 3. to submit a 5-page research paper on any aspect of a particular ethnic group (12 Times New Roman letters, 1.5 spacing, minimum 3 academic sources). Students may miss up to 3 classes in order to receive a grade.

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