Presentation Techniques (BA Seminar) Tue 16-18

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Presentation Techniques (BA Seminar)


Bloodworth Adam

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Room 3302


Tue 16-18

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This course is designed to help students learn to give academic presentations such as a thesis defense or conference presentation. The class will provide an encouraging environment for students to become more comfortable with making and giving different types of presentations through activities in class and presentations. We will look closely at how we convey information and arguments through body language, source citation, organization, audience engagement and visual aids.


Week 1

Feb 6 Introduction ppt and Syllabus

Discussion: Past presentation experiences; how to use your nervousness; styles of presenting

HW: Analyze a recorded presentation


Week 2

Feb 13 Eye contact, pausing and body language; how to introduce yourself and conclude

Identify individual and class goals; being a good audience member


Week 3

Feb 20 Present someone else’s speech- 3 minute reading


Week 4

Feb 27 Self-Reflections due – update goals

Appropriate use of notes, organization and structure

Sign up for Personal Presentation days


Week 5

Mar 6 Transitions and audience engagement

How to give a personal presentation


Week 6

Mar 13 Personal Presentations Day 1


Week 7

Mar 20 Personal Presentations Day 2

Assign groups and videos for academic presentations

Introduce final presentations


Week 8

Mar 27 No Class, Holiday


Week 9

Apr 3 Self-Reflections due – update goals

Academic Presentations Introduction: how and where to make a claim; finding and citing academic sources; show sample outline

HW: Midterm evaluations and visual aid research


Week 10

Apr 10 Academic Presentations: establishing credibility, visual aids

Outlining workshop


Week 11

Apr 17 NO CLASS – individual meetings with me

Outline Due at the time of your meeting with me


Week 12

Apr 24 Finding and citing academic sources; show sample outline; sign up for meeting times

Final presentation workshop


Week 13

May 1 No Class, Holiday


Week 14

May 8 Final presentations 1


Week 15

May 15 Final presentations 2

Final evaluations


requirements to get the grade

Grading scale:

0-59%=1; 60-69%=2, 70-79%=3, 80-89%=4, 90-100%=5

reading list required




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