Pre-Intermediate Hungarian

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Pre-Intermediate Hungarian


Dr. Péter Durst

Course code

YSE_BTK011-00812, XSE041-HunLanL2Pre


Petőfi Building, Room 7


Monday 10:00-11:30, Thursday 16:00-15:30

Course description

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This course is offered for those who already speak some Hungarian. Students who completed the Beginners’ Hungarian course last semester will continue their studies in this group but other students are also welcome. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the basic grammatical structures of Hungarian as well as the vocabulary used in everyday life. The grammatical elements are put into practice through exercises that range from form-focused tasks to free communicative activities. In the classes all four language skills will be developed systematically with the help of a course book (Lépésenként magyarul 1.) and various supplementary materials.



The main topics of the course include:  


Verb conjugation in present tense

Infinitive forms

Definite and indefinite conjugation

Possessive structures

Past tense

Demonstrative / negative / reflexive pronouns

Verbal prefixes (meaning and position)

Adverbials of time

Asking for permission


Good wishes

Addressing somebody as te or maga (the verbs tegez and magáz)


Requirements to get the grade

Class participation

Mid-term test

Final Test

Required reading list




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