Hungarian Wine as a Cultural Heritage (Images, Traditions, Identity)

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Hungarian Wine as a Cultural Heritage. (Images, Traditions, Identity)


László Mód

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XSE021-; YSE_BTK011-


Bálint Sándor lecture room


autumn semester: 18:00–19.30 on mondays october-november; spring semester: 18:00–19.30 on Mondays march–april

Course description

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Wine is much more than a simple type of alcoholic drink, because it has many connections to the history of humankind, religions, beliefs and rituals. The course would like to give answer why this special agricultural product have played an important role in the everyday life of Hungarians and other nations in the Carpathian Basin.


  1. Basics of wine-producing
  2. Grape varieties of Hungary
  3. Wine-making traditions in Hungary
  4. History of Hungarian wine
  5. Wine-growing regions in Hungary I.
  6. Wine-growing regions in Hungary II.
  7. Inventing traditions, wine rituals
  8. Wine tourism, wine orders, wine routes


Requirements to get the grade

Students should write an essay or take an exam.

Reading list required

Bárány, István 2004: The Wines of Hungary. Budapest

Benyák, Ferenc–Dékány, Tibor 2003: Hungarian Wines and Wine Regions. Budapest

Charters, Steve 2006: Wine and Society. The Social and Cultural Context of a Drink. Amsterdam

Robinson, Jancis (ed.) 2012: The Oxford Companion to Wine. Oxford

Rohály, Gábor 2005: Terra Benedicta. Budapest



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