Descriptive Grammar and the Syntax of English

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Descriptive Grammar and the Syntax of English

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Krisztina, Andrási

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Kristó Gyula (3rd floor, Ady tér)

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Tue 10-12

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The course gives a survey of the major fields in the grammar of English: word classes, syntactic constituents, construction types, clauses, as well as the principles and conditions underlying syntactic operations. Topics include descriptive analyses of the tense and auxiliary systems, determiners, finite and nonfinite clause structures, and generative syntactic approaches to thematic roles, arguments and adjuncts, and movement operations. On the basis of the results of descriptive and generative linguistics, the course offers sound foundations for any further study in English linguistics. The grading will be based on a final written exam.


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1) The central questions of linguistics

2) Language and Grammar

3) Constituents and structures

4) X-Bar Syntax

5) The structure of nominal expressions

6) Simple sentences

7) The structure of the Verb Phrase

8) Lexicon, Thematic Roles

9) Case Theory

10) ECM

11) DP-movement: passive

12) DP-movement: raising

13) Wh-Movement: questions

14) Binding Theory



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Grading will be based on a two-hour final exam (based on handouts, lecture notes, textbooks).


Grading policy: 100-91%: 5; 90-79%: 4; 78-65%: 3; 64-51%: 2; 50-0%: 1


Students are allowed to miss a maximum of 6 lectures.


kötelező olvasmányok (ha vannak)

Any modern grammar of English (see below) plus excerpts from the following textbook:

Newson, Mark. 2006. Basic English Syntax with Exercises, HEFOP, Budapest. (written with collaborators from ELTE). A bulky volume covering much more than the course, but useful for independent study (contains exercises with solutions) or background reading. More advanced students interseted in theoretical linguistics are highly recommended to consult this book. Downloadable from: (if the link does not work, simply google it)

Greenbaum, Sidney, and Randolph Quirk. 1990. A student's grammar of the English language. Harlow, Essex, England: Longman.

ajánlott olvasmányok (ha vannak)

Huddleston, R. & G.K. Pullum. 2005. A Student's Introduction to English Grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Huddleston, R. 1984. An Introduction to the Grammar of English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Quirk, R. & S. Greenbaum. 1973. A University Grammar of English. Longman.

Thomson, A. J. & A.V. Martinet. 1960/1997. A Practical English Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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