Communication Skills (BA Seminar) Tu 16-18

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Communication Skills (BA seminar)

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Bloodworth Rosalind Deirdre

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Room III

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Tuesdays 16:00 - 17:30

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The aim of this course is to help students improve their communication skills, organization and strategies. Practice is given in the various ways in which a particular communication function can be realized to assist in making choices as to what one says and in thinking about the appropriateness of how one says it. Personal experiences and points of views on academic topics are exchanged and sensitive topics discussed; students are expected to maintain respect for other positions and experiences. Attention is given to complexity, accuracy and fluency, as well as oral use of academic vocabulary. The class requires students to record homework and exams, work individually or in small groups in sharing their ideas during informal discussion or in preparing presentations on various topics. Students are expected to complete both oral and written homework.


detailed schedule (divided by weeks)

Week 1: Introductions

Week 2: Personality types, communication strategies

Week 3: Accent discriminations, intro midterm exam

Week 4: Feminism in fairy tales

Week 5: prepare for midterm and vocab exams

Week 6: midterm exam

Week 7: Review midterm results, intro final exam

Week 8: LGBTQ+ experiences

Week 9: Protesting racism

Week 10: Student presentations

Week 11: Student presentations

Week 12: Student presentations

Week 13: Final exam

Week 14: Final vocab exam


the mode of and requirements to get the grade/signature at the end of the class (assignments)

0-50%=1 (fail), 51-62%=2, 63-75%=3, 76-87%=4, 88-100%=5

Vocabulary Recorded Assessments: 30%

Oral Exams: 30%

Presentations: 15%

Homework: 10%

Memrise: 10%

Participation: 5%


required readings (if applicable)


recommended readings (if applicable)


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