Applied Methods in social psychology

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Some interesting findings of social psychology: methods in applied social psychology


Árpád Mihalik

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SZTE BTK Psychology department, Conference Room


4 hour block every month (on Mondays)

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The course is for psychology students. Current century leading phenomena is social networking. The course aims to shed light the social psychological potential of social networking, social founding and social media. If we understand the background of these new networks we can implement classic social psychological theories to new areas ctreating a positive behavior change. The course is highly practical, the students have to figure out their own social problems, and they have to make a plan to solve it.


Critical thinking, literature review, individual work, problem solving, integration of old and new research trends, applied methods usage. By working individually the students able to choose a problem by personal preference. The freedom of choice let them use the outcomes of the course in other field of their studies like starting a research, and writing an essay.


The mode of and requirements to get the grade

Attandance in class is required

Presentation of an own research plan

Writing and submitting an essay in the end of the semester

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Schneider, F., W., Gruman, J., A., Coutts, L., M. (2005) Applied social psychology: Understanding and addressing social and practice problems. Sage. London ISBN-13: 978-1412976381

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