Academic Study Skills (Seminar) M 12-14

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Academic Study Skills (Seminar)

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Theresa Gielissen

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Room III

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Mondays 12-14

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This course introduces basic study skills and will focus on several fundamental skills necessary for a successful student experience at the institute. In this class, you will learn effective strategies for improving your vocabulary, develop a detailed note-taking and listening style, and reflect on and evaluate study habits. During this course, students will study academic word lists and work on vocabulary-building strategies. We will listen to authentic lectures while working on note-taking skills. This class depends on your participation; your ideas and interests will provide a stimulating space for learning and will help guide the direction of the class itself. The overall goals of the course will be to give you the skills that will be necessary for success throughout your college experience.

detailed schedule (divided by weeks)

Week 1 – Introductions and time management

Week 2 – Imposter syndrome

Week 3 – Academic interpersonal skills

Week 4 – Annotation

Week 5 – Listening and note taking

Week 6 – Critical thinking

Week 7Midterm Exam (individual meetings)

Week 8Spring Break

Week 9No Class - Holiday

Week 10 – Setting and attaining goals; stress

Week 11 – Understanding plagiarism

Week 12 – Paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism

Week 13No Class - Holiday

Week 14 – Test-taking skills

Week 15 – Class wrap up (individual meetings)


the mode of and requirements to get the grade/signature at the end of the class (assignments)

Mid-term exam: 25%

Final paper: 35%

Journals: 15%

Vocabulary quizzes: 15%

Homework: 10%

0-59%=1; 60-69=2; 70-79=3; 80-89=4; 90-100=5

required readings


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