Higher Intermediate Hungarian

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Higher Intermediate Hungarian


dr. Árvay Anett

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Petőfi sgt. 30-34. Room 7. Floor 4.


Wed 16:00-17:30, Thu 12-13:30

Course description

Short description

The course is offered for students whose knowledge of Hungarian correspond with the level of the course described below. It is required that students already have the following language skills: definite and indefinite verb conjugation; present and past tense verb conjugation; intermediate communication skills and vocabulary. Classes will focus on developing all skills (listening, composition writing, grammar and speaking) with a special emphasis on colloquial Hungarian and idiomatic language. Students are given interactive and project assignments as well.


New grammar structures: the imperative; the conditional, reflexive pronouns, participles, causative, conjunctions.

Conversational topics: holidays, Hungary, Internet, career, health, hobbies


requirements to get the grade

  1. Midterm test and Final test. It will cover the lecture material including the images! (40-40%).
  2. Presentation. Students are required to prepare a 10-min presentation for the class (20%). on a selected topic.


reading list

Main coursebook: Durst, Péter: Lépésenként magyarul-Második lépés-Magyar nyelv középhaladóknak. Szeged, 2006.

Students will be provided with photocopied course material as well.



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