Global Religion

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Global Religion


Dr. Nagy, Gábor Dániel

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Petőfi Building floor I. room II.


Every Thursday 4PM

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The course aims to provide a general introduction to the recent Global research topics related to religion. We will cover the topics of New Religions, Neo-paganism, Buddhism and other eastern religions, Islam, Religion in Central and Eastern Europe, Religion in America, Religion and Politics. Colleagues and prestigious invited instructors will present their topics of research in lectures. This selection of interesting lectures will enable students to have a good understanding on contemporary issues related to religion. The course completion will be possible by filling a test. The aim of the course is to provide an insight to the Global issues of religion having an effect on Global social changes, politics and processes.



Global Religion

Religion and Terrorism

Neopaganism as a Global Religion

Scientology as a Global Religion

Religion and Society in CEE

Woundedness and Religious Identities

Second wave of religiosity in CEE

Buddhism as a Global Religion

Hinduism as a Global Religion

Global Religion and Politics

Global Gnosticism in the 21st Century

Bibilical Arceheology and Global Religion

Community Organizing in a Global, Religious Setting



Filling out coospace test / attendance gives 3% each class on pass grade

Reading list

■ Beyer, Peter. Religion and Globalization. London: Sage, 1994.

■ Casanova, José. Public Religions in the Modern World. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1994.



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